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How to go from Skinny-Fat to Shredded in 12 weeks without sacrificing weekends using The Skinny-Fat Blueprint

I've put together a free kick-starter that shows you behind the scenes of the Skinny-Fat Blueprint and how you can use it to achieve simultaneous muscle gain and fat loss without destroying your social life.

Why listen to me on this?

Hi, I'm Mark

I used to struggle with being skinny-fat and trying to find the correct method to get out of this situation is more complicated than just "losing weight" or "bulking up". Body re-composition is the solution for skinny fat guys to turbo charge their progress and it can be done without giving up weekend nights out!

What's the workshop about?

The Skinny-Fat Blueprint

My approach to over coming the skinny fat problem in 12 weeks

Body Re-Composition

The process of building muscle & burning fat at the same time for optimal results to get shredded

Time Saving

Achieve the results you crave with less time by optimizing the process

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