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About Me

Hi, my name is Mark and I’m a qualified personal trainer who holds a Bsc. in Athletic & Rehabilitation Therapy who specialises in body re-composition and injury prevention.

So my story begins when I was about 16 years old and first getting involved in the gym. Thanks to an overwhelming lack of knowledge and ignorance I ended up seriously injuring my back. As in I lost all power in my legs, fell to the floor and couldn’t move for 4 hours, all at the age of 16.

Since then I’ve gone on to get my degree in athletic therapy and rehabilitation so that I can help other injured people get back to exercising. And soon after graduating I got involved more in personal training.

By combining these two fields I can give my clients a holistic approach to health and fitness.   

mark is a fully Qualified Personal Trainer and holds an honours bachelors degree in athletic and rehabilitation therapy

my personal results

Transformation achieved using the exact guidelines set out in my 6 week shred plan


See what my clients have to say

Jason Callaghan

Online coaching client

Mark has helped me greatly in my journey of body recomposition. In just six weeks, he has got me well on my way to my goals, with me losing about 4cm off my waist while still maintaining muscle mass. He replies quickly to all questions with a thorough response.


I really enjoyed Marks classes,his professionalism and attention was excellent.everything was explained clearly,we were all made to feel relaxed ,he also showed excellent knowledge of each excercise and was able correct a move if needed.The classes catered for all levels ,each person worked to their own ability ,each person was challenged at their own level.he made clients feel comfortable and fun while getting the work done.i look forward to continuing being part of Marks classes and on line work going forward.keep up the great work .

Siobhan Kelly

Bootcamp client

Christian Spain

1-2-1 personal training client

I started training with mark in order to build some size and strength. After our first session he quickly identified some limiting factors with my posture and gave me a rehab plan to address these issues. After practicing my exercises daily I found my posture to slowly improve and along with it came ease of movement and comfort while working out. I'd highly recommend mark to anyone who is struggling to exercise with an injury.


While I can help you with pretty much any fitness goal, my specialty and passion is body re-composition.
All this means is building muscle while burning fat at the same time to achieve the most impressive results.
It’s very simple to do one of these at a time and either “bulk” (build muscle) or “cut” (lose fat).
But to achieve both at the same time requires more attention to detail in terms of your nutrition, exercise and recovery.

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